Tavern Starters


Eight Jumbo dry rubbed style Crisp Wings served with celery, carrots & Ranch with our Hot Sauce on the side!

$6.95 Eight Hour Pork Sliders

Three mini midlands style pulled pork sliders topped with fresh cole slaw, pickles, and golden mustard BBQ sauce.

$9.95 Loaded Nachos

Fresh cooked tri-colored tortilla chips topped with white quest, jalapeños, & diced tomatoes. Served with Sour cream & Salsa. Choose: Bourbon BBQ Chicken, SC Pulled Pork, Buffalo Chicken Ranch, or Hearty Chili. Add shredded lettuce for .50

$6.95 Fried Pickles

Hand Breaded & Deep Fried Dill Pickles served with our tangy House-Made 77 Sauce.

$7.49 Pimento Bacon Pops

6 Crispy Coated Balls Stuffed with our house made Pimento Cheese & Bacon. Served with a side of Ranch Dipping Sauce.

$5.95 Pub Pretzels

Three pretzels sprinkled with Sea Salt Crystals & served with Beer Cheese dipping sauce.

$6.95 S.O.B. Cheese Sticks

A New Take on an Old Classic. Pepper Jack Cheese Sticks Encrusted with Tri-Color Tortilla chip Breading served along side a Smokey Tomato Marinara Sauce.

Tavern Traditions

All Burgers are 9oz. and 100% Fresh Ground Beef. Our Traditions are served with Lettuce, Beef Steak Tomato, Red Onion & Dill Pickle Spear. *Served with your choice of Jo Jo Fries, fresh Pasta Salad, Blue Cheese Slaw, Veggies & Dip or substitute with Side Salad or Sweet Potato Fries for an additional $1.49. Black and Tan Onion Rings for $2.00.

$8.95 The Classic 77

Perfectly Grilled Burger topped with Yellow American Cheese & Finished with Tavern 77 Sauce. - Make it a Southern with Chili, ColeSlaw, Dill Pickles, and Yellow Mustard for $1

$10.95 The Charleston

This delicious Burger is topped with Smoked Pimento Cheese, Pecan Bacon, with a Dill Pickle Slices.

$10.95 The Bacon Blue

This wonderful Burger comes topped with savory Blue Cheese and warm Bacon Strips & carmelized onions, ,served with a side of blue cheese BBQ sauce.. Add a Fried Green Tomato for .99

$10.95 The Santa Fe

Lightly Seasoned with our Southwest Spice Blend. Topped with Guacamole, Pepper Jack Cheese, Fried Jalapenos & Our Home Made Chipotle Mayo...Try It Topped with an SOB Stick for $ .99!

$11.95 Pub 77

This Burger comes Stacked with Fried Egg, Pecan Smoked Bacon, Honey Ham, Cheddar Cheese & last but not least Fried Jalapenos.

$10.95 The Memphis

On top of this Burger Comes Smoky Flavored Bourbon BBQ Sauce, Aged Cheddar Cheese, Crispy Onion Tangles & Two Strips of Bacon.

$9.95 The Turkey

All Natural Ground Turkey, topped with Yellow American, baby spinach, tomato served with a side of apple cranberry aioli.

$9.50 The Long Beach

House-made Black bean, Rice & Corn Veggie patty topped with Balsamic Vinaigrette Guacamole & Alfalfa Sprouts.

$10.95 Burger Trio

Can't decide? Try each of our tavern favorites! This trio comes with a Mini Slider of The Charleston, The Memphis, & The Classic.

$10.95 The Greek

This flavorful burger comes topped with Feta cheese & our house made Greek medley served on a flat bread along with a side of house made Tzatziki Sauce.

Tavern Chicken

Tavern Chicken Burgers are Farm Fresh 7oz all natural grilled breast marinated in Coca Cola. Chicken Burgers are served with Lettuce, Beef Steak Tomato, Red Onion & Dill Pickle Spear. *Served with Jo Jo Fries/Substitute with side salad or Sweet Potato Fries for $1.49. Black & Tan Onion Rings $2.

$10.95 The Devine Chicken Burger

Marinated & grilled chicken breast topped with an Apple & Dried Cherry Chutney, Crumbled Goat Cheese & Red Wine Vinegar Alfalfa Sprouts.


Three fried chicken tenders topped with Pepper Jack Cheese, fried Banana Peppers, & dill pickle slices, served with a side of Buffalo Sauce

$10.95 The Double Pepper Chicken

Season & Grilled topped with Peppered Bacon, Melted Pepper Jack Cheese, Guacamole & Dijon Honey Mustard.

$10.95 The Chicken BLT

Traditional BLT with grilled chicken breast topped with provolone and a side of Ranch. Recommended served on Texas Toast.

Tavern Greens

Add Grilled Chicken $2.00.

$9.95 The Spinach

Baby Spinach tossed with Balsamic Vinaigrette, then Topped with Fresh Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Red Onions & Pecan Smoked Bacon Bits.

$10.95 The 77 Cobb

Fresh Green Mix covered with rows of Bacon, Guacamole, Blue Cheese, Boiled Eggs, Tomatoes & Spicy Buttermilk Ranch.

$9.95 The PGS 77 Salad

Mixed Greens tossed with Red Wine Vinaigrette then topped with Pistachios, Goat Cheese & Marinated Strawberries.

$10.95 Buffalo Chicken Salad

Mixed Greens, fried Buffalo Chicken, Cucumbers, Red Onion, Cheddar Jack Cheese & diced tomatoes!

$3.50 cup | $4.50 bowl Tavern HEARTY Chili

Our Special House Made HEARTY Chili Topped with Cheddar Cheese & a Dollop of Sour Cream.

Tavern Treats

$5.95 Pretzels 77

Two warmed deep fried churro style pretzels tossed in cinnamon and sugar, and served with vanilla ice cream and warm caramel sauce.

$3.95 Tavern Root Beer Float

This old fashion classic comes with two scoops of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream floating in a pool of Barq's Root Beer topped with Whipped Cream.

$4.95 Johnnie May Shortcake

Moist Slice of Shortcake topped with local Strawberries, a dollop of whip cream & a generous scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Build Your Burger

Fulfill your taste buds with these "77" different selections, there are over 200,000 different combinations, making every experience unique!

$10.00 Create Your Custom Legend

Prime Ground Beef
Lean Ground Turkey
Grilled Chicken Breast
Home-Made Veggie
Bakery White Bun
Whole Wheat Bun
Onion Roll
Texas Toast
As A Salad

Decide Your Side

Jo Jo Fries
Onion Rings + $2
Side Salad + $1.49
Fresh Pasta Salad
Blue Cheese Cole Slaw
Fresh Veggies & Onion Dip


Yellow American
White Cheddar
Imported Swiss
Fresh Mozzarella
Aged Blue Cheese
Goat Cheese
Pepper Jack
Southern Pimento

50 cents additional Tantalizing Toppers (Choose up to 4, 50 Cents additional)

Green Leaf Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Baby Spinach
Vine Ripe Tomato
Raw Red Onions
Dill Pickle Slices
Caramelized Onions
Sliced Cucumbers
Alfalfa Sprouts
Southern Slaw
Sliced Jalapenos
Fried Jalapenos
Smoky Marinara
Jo Jo Fries
Carrot Strings
Black Olives
Fresh Mushrooms
Roasted Red Peppers
Banana Peppers

+ $1 each Premium Toppings

Apple Wood Bacon
Honey Ham
Hearty Chili
Onion Tangles
Sauteed Mushrooms
Fried Egg
Pimento Ball
S.O.B. Stick
Carolina Pulled Pork

Hand-Crafted Sauces

Mustard BBQ
Spicy Ketchup
Bourbon BBQ
Tomato Bruschetta
Apple & Cherry Chutney
Blue Cheese BBQ
Roasted Pepper Garlic
Garlic Parmesan

Prepare Your Taste Buds

77 Sauce
Horseradish Mayo
Chipotle Mayo
Brown Mustard
Honey Mustard
Spicy Ranch
Red-Wine Vinagrette